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iPhone 16 Plus Gothic Rose Case – Stylish Skull and Floral Design for Ultimate Protection


Discover the iPhone 16 Plus Gothic Rose Case, featuring an elegant mix of grey skulls and vibrant pink roses on a sleek black background. This durable case offers superior protection without sacrificing style or functionality, perfect for everyday use.

Design Aesthetics

Captivating Gothic Floral Theme:

Dive into the captivating blend of art and style with our Gothic Rose Case, where the eerie beauty of grey skulls meets the lush vibrancy of pink roses, all set on a sleek black backdrop.

Protection Features

Superior Protection:

Crafted from premium materials, the case provides exceptional protection against bumps, drops, and scratches. Its design ensures a snug fit, enveloping your iPhone in safety without adding excess bulk.

Functional Benefits

Enhanced Usability:

Precision cutouts offer uncompromised access to all buttons and ports, while the case’s design supports wireless charging, letting you charge without removing the case.

Additional Advantages

Durable and Lightweight:

  • Enjoy the blend of durability and lightness, ensuring that your phone is protected and comfortable to carry all day.
  • Unleash a bold, new look for your iPhone 16 Plus with the Gothic Rose Case, blending dark gothic themes with vibrant floral elegance for a standout style.

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